It is important to always put your relationships/courtships in prayer. Our relationship with God shouldn’t be the type where you discuss only specific issues. You should be able to talk to God about every single thing. You should be able to talk to God about your flaws and weaknesses. This way, you can look into yourself and find a way of overcoming your flaws and becoming a better person. There’s nothing new under the face of the sun. God Himself created us and He knows what exactly we are capable of. He knows our flaws and our weaknesses. You build a more perfect relationship with God when you can discuss anything with Him. When you understand this, you’ll understand too that you should talk to God about every single aspect of your relationship/courtship.

You shouldn’t be the type who’ll rather gist about your relationship with your friends rather than talking about it with God.

If in my relationship my man tells me “let’s see where it goes” I tell God about it. If he tells me “he loves me and wants to marry me”, I tell Him about it. If I have a crush on someone, I tell my God about it. If any man is giving me stress and heart ache, I tell God about it too. By this I don’t mean kneeling down on a very good day and saying big words concerning my relationship.  I mean every single day, I go into myself and reflect on all that happened, reminisce about all that was said, tell God how I feel about all that was said, and talk to God about my desires, and that ultimately, His holy will should be done. This way, whatever happens, I know that God’s hand is there, I know that God is watching.

Sometimes you should even offer novenas for your relationships. Praying about your relationship is very important. The worst mistake a human being can make is being stuck with the wrong person in marriage.

So no matter what happens, offer your relationship in prayer to God. Even when you fall into sin, run for confession and talk to God about it. Never give the devil a single chance to play with you. As often as you fall into sin, run straight to confession. Try as much as you can to be in good terms with God because without Him, you are nothing, and God alone has full power and control over you.

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