Is it wise to rest on others? Is it wise to rest on no one? Do you enjoy having people rest on you? ‘No man is an Island’ is a notable English saying. Life often demands that we depend on one another for the mutual well being of all and sundry.

However, to absolutely depend on a mortal being is undertaking a suicide mission. Sometimes, those responsible for one’s trouble are ‘the most trusted folks.’ Is this a call to distrust? Absolutely No! If we trust no one and no one trusts us, we engulf the world with petals of darkness.

The nail on the head to be hit is that friends may forsake friends, brothers may forsake brothers, sisters may forsake sisters, parents may forsake children and children may forsake parents. So we should not rest on others without resting on God who alone can make our rest on others meaningful if it accords with His plan.

‘Come to me… I will give you rest’ says JESUS. Dear, if you rest on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will not be put to shame I assure you. Christ is the one on whom you can rest and sleep would come at once because he is the peace you and I need.

Help us Lord Jesus to rest in your hands always (Amen).

Have a weekend of sweet rest in God.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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