Life could be likened to a Discovery Television Channel because life is an endless book of discovery and life is larger than than logic. Sometimes the cloud gathers and we think it is going to rain cats and dogs “cata doxa” but no rain drops eventually. At other times, heavy rain pours from the heavens amidst the scorching Sun.

If we have known everything, life will no longer be interesting I strongly suppose! Thus, the zest to know and keep knowing is one that makes life meaningful. However, there is something you may discover in your knowings about life.

Someday you may discover that the very person you are ready to lay your life on the line for by recieving the bullet is the very person behind the pulling of the trigger! I say this to you; “when you discover … just know that such is the irony of life.” Forgive and let go! Give thanks to God for the discovery and be more careful!

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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