We in live in world in which people often desire to win a prize but are not ready to stand the pain of the prize. Rome was not built in a day; neither was it finished in the night.

There is a fast declining attitude to hard work founded on discipline, intergrity and determination in the modern world. God gave humanity the authority to conquer the universe at creation. God has created the country and has commanded us to make the town.

Most times, we await the town to carve out from the country by itself. How often we dream success refusing to dream work. Egg must be broken and beaten for an omellete dish to be at table.

When the eyes gaze at success devoid of work, it becomes corrupted by it’s vision. If the eye is corrupted, the entire body is corrupted; as the eye is the light of the body.

It is better to say; “may God grant success to the good work of our hands” than to say “may God grant us success”. Success presupposes an endeavor or an undertaking. The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Have splendid day as you get ready for good works unto success by God’s grace.


Fr. Augustine Abiagom, CM

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