I often sit and wonder why the result of several moral endeavors and undertakings of many a people come out poor. Although numerous factors abound that could explain the concern I expressed above. However, I reflect on one factor that could make a whole lot of positive difference with relation to joyful productivity in the diverse areas of human existence.

Living the present with passion is vital if we are to repair the past,sustain today and secure a happy tomorrow. Passion not in the sense of the lust we may sometimes see in some movies but in the zest or zeal to getting the best out of whatever we do that does not contradict love.

Many marriages, priestly/religious vocations, occupational/academic endeavours and several other wonderful initiatives and drives of men and women of goodwill rolling down the hills of life into the valley of despair often result from lack of passion from individual points of view.

When we are not passionate about our moral life’s commitments,we are not purpose driven and we shall not record good results that would bring us true happiness in the presence of God.

Passionate existence is a call to move, work and live with godly zeal to making out the best of whom we are, our relationship with others and what we do for the service of God and humanity.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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