The Perfect Relationship with God.

Our relationship with God should be a beautiful one like that of a loving father and his child. The beauty of this relationship is that you relate with each other on a very intimate level. Constantly communicating with each other, stealing loving gazes at each other. Keeping each other informed about happenings around you and talking about your innermost feelings and desires. This relationship is one where the child, filled with awe at the greatness of her father, rains exclamations, prayers, and songs of praise every day, to her father who is strong and mighty, and yet, loving and forgiving.

A perfect relationship with God gradually builds so great a confidence in God that even the most difficult trials would never make you doubt the power of God. Because, you know and have experienced His greatness and so nothing the world throws at you can make your belief falter. You know God too well and know what He is capable of. You know that trials do not mean that God is weak, you know that suffering is only a part of life and a chance to even love God perfectly in suffering. You understand that trials cleans you and only make you perfect. You know these things and just like the prophets of old, you would stand by your father and worship Him in truth and in spirit, in joy and in sorrow; because He is God your savior.

This faith in God ultimately makes you God’s beloved; so that every sigh, desire, or prayer from your heart is a sweet smelling offering to Him which He lovingly accepts.

This relationship with God gradually grows into an unshakable love so that God’s will ultimately becomes your own will and there’s no argument as to whether or not your prayer is the will of God. You have become on a level where the will of God is instinctively your own will because your hearts have been joined to become one. Your desires becomes His desires and His own will has become your own will.

This is the kind of relationship the devil is envious of. He knows the extent of God’s love for us and the power that God would bestow on us if we abide in Him. This is why he keeps sending temptations our way. This is why he makes evil appear sweet. This is why he makes holiness seem difficult. His goal is to strip us of every access to God’s gifts and to make us his slaves. This is why many Christians who claim to be sons and daughters of God have been stripped of their kingship and are now slaves to sin and to the devil

Hurry to confession immediately. Do your penance with a sincere heart and tell the Blessed virgin to teach you how to love God perfectly. Tell God you desire only to please him. And try your best to remain faithful to your promise to God that “…you will not sin again”.




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