‘Pornographying’ Your Way into Sin

When it comes to pornography, can it be true that it is only those who are born blind that are considered saints?
But wait a minute! In today’s world, porn must not necessarily be visual?
So, if you know that you have seen pornographic picture, video, book, audio, and even enjoyed it, please don’t bother raising up your hand for identification. We already know. Thank you!

I met a man and he told me he watches porn because it is for adult, and he is an adult. Secondly, he watches porn to learn styles to use on the wife. Okay! That wife is in trouble.

How healthy is it for married people to even watch porn? Does it not do more harm? How can two mature adults, sleeping on one bed, feel they need to watch others before they can develop their style?

Here, we have not even started talking about the fact that it is a very big sin o. Today, we hear of blow job, boob job, anal job, BDSM right?. . . let me leave it there. What we do not know is that pornography and porn stars are subtly erasing from our head the true meaning of sexual relationship and gradually replacing it with theirs, which are all lies and even disgusting.

We are now addicts. People have turned their spouse into the image of their porn stars, this include how you moan, the boobs size, six packs, etc. Humans are now objects. Pornography as a sin is at the center of many other sins like adultery, fornication, masturbation, gays, even rape.

For those of you that are into porn, both married and unmarried, it is time to stop. What you are doing is simply ‘pornographying’ your way into fire. Resist the temptation. Make that resolution today.

Fight the addiction.

–Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

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