The Power of Networking Is Underestimated

Networking remains one of the tools to attain success in any of our plans. You never know, the person you just met could have the answer to a puzzle you have been struggling with. No man can be an island. We should all learn to relate well with people. If you want to become successful someday, and you have no idea how you can achieve this, you have to understand that the right people can get you to whatever level you desire to attain.

For those people who do not really understand the concept of networking and the friendly etiquettes involved in building and maintaining healthy relationships; It starts by sending quick messages, making short phone calls, asking about their family, sending out gifts in festive periods etc. This makes anyone feel remembered. And it also makes them hold you in high regard. So that when an opportunity arises, you’ll be among the first people they’ll inform.

Some people remain poor not because they do not have what it takes to be rich, but because they are not opportune to be in the right places at the right time when the right information is being passed.

Information is key. Several times, series of great investment opportunities are available but these opportunities are not broadcast. Thus only a few people hear about it and make great investment decisions.

A man who is at the right place at the right time gets to learn valuable information that can turn his life around for good.

The power of networking is really underestimated in our world today. I heard of a man who lives in a one room apartment but sent all his kids to expensive schools. When asked the reason for this decision, he said he wanted his kids to be friends with the rich so as to avail them more opportunities.

This may sound really crazy but I believe this man right here understands the value of good relationships and networking.

While you struggle to attain holiness, strive too to make the right decisions in earthly matters. Be wise as a serpent. Plan, invest, and be successful. Make good use of the resources around you. Never settle for less.

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