Praise be to God who loves us despite our flaws. Praise be to Him who thinks about us always even though we crucify Him through our sins. Praise be to him who relays our request before God the father despite our continuous ignorant and deceitful ways.

Praise be to God who gives us all that we need to survive in spite of our lack of thanksgiving. Praise to Him who sustains us with air even though we live like we are not accountable to Him. Praise to Him who cleans us from our sins over and over again in spite of our inconsistency and unrepentance. Praise to God who loved us even when we knew Him not. All glory be to Him who loves sincerely all those who forsake Him over and over again.

Thank you Jesus for thinking about us every day, thank you for saving us countless times from the evil antics of the devil. Thank you for sustaining me even though I have never deserved you. Thank you for loving me unworthy though I am.

I love you and I promise to forsake the devil and serve you sincerely, in truth and in spirit. Amen.

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