Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies


Heavenly Father, Your Love is eternal. In your ocen of love, you saved the world through your only begotted son, Jesus Christ.

Now look at your only son on the cross who is constantly bleeding for love of his people, and forgive your world.

Purify and baptise aborted children with the Precious Blood and Water from the sacred Side of Your Son, who hung dead on the cross for their salvation., in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

May they through the Holy Death of Jesus Christ gain everlasting life, through his Wounds be healed, and through his Precious Blod be freed. There to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven. Amen

(Through this Prayer large numbers of innocent unborn Babies will be saved. Pray it Daily and make it Known to the world. anyone who teaches it will not be Lost… (29 July 1998)). 


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