Prayer To Love Difficult Neighbourhood Like Christ

Dear Lord, I pray that I may love others with a Christ-like love and that I may show compassion on those who live in my neighbourhood. Father I know that I need Your love and Your patience in this area as I have some quite difficult neighbours who are causing some problems here… Lord change my heart to a heart that loves as You loved. Change my attitude to look with compassion on my neighbours, rather than with irritation of disdain. Help me to view them as You do; dead in their trespasses and sins, estranged from God and in need of a Saviour.
Lord help me to take each negative thought that I have about them captive the moment that it arises in my heart. I know that this is pleasing to You and I know that this is what You desire of all Your children. Create in me a heart of gentle love and kind compassion and show me how I may witness of Your love – both with my actions as well as my words. Keep me from a self-righteousness attitude towards them for I know that I too was once estranged from You and in Your grace and mercy You picked me up and saved me.

Father I pray that each one may come to a saving faith in You and that You would change me to be the neighbour that You would have me be. I ask this in Jesus name.


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