A prayer for those who have no joy on St. Valentine’s Day

Father, this morning there are those all over the world who for various reasons don’t find any joy in Valentine’s Day.

The single young woman who thought she would be married years ago but still finds herself wondering if it will ever happen.

The man who can’t feel his wife’s arms around him, because her body now rests in the ground.

The newly divorced woman who has been betrayed and abandoned and left feeling unworthy.

The man who cares for an ailing wife who hasn’t remembered his name in years.

The childless couple who has prayed and fasted and maybe even begged that you might bless them with a child, yet their arms remain empty.

The children–OH GOD, THE CHILDREN–who have never seen love in the eyes of another human being. Father, these precious babies and toddlers and kids of all ages who have never been embraced or kissed or cuddled, who have never heard the words “I love you”, and who have no idea what GRACE looks like.

Every variation of a broken heart or broken relationship– too many to mention each one individually.

Lord, would you fill their hearts with the soothing balm of the gospel of Christ this morning? Father, penetrate their very souls not just with a warm fuzzy feeling, but with the POWER of your Spirit. Give them fresh HOPE, redeeming LOVE, unsurpassable PEACE in the midst of difficult circumstances. Speak to them tenderly in ways that the words of another human being could never fulfill, and ignite their passions toward YOU in such a way that emptiness is filled, pain is comforted, and all of the questions are replaced by knowledge of your love for them and your true desire to give only what YOU know is best for them. Father, love them generously. Love them personally. Love them powerfully as only you can. And do so in such a way that brings all glory back to you where it belongs.

Praying in the name of JESUS CHRIST, the ultimate perfect and holy picture of LOVE on this Valentine’s Day and every day. Amen

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