When you see someone wearing a pure golden chain or necklace where do you imagine the gold used in fashioning the chain or necklace is gotten from?

In a sporten competition, the competitors in their respective capacities would desire the golden trophy and medal. The value attatched to GOLD is very high and presents GOLD as a treasure that falls directly from heaven.

The expression ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ could be likened to the expression ‘Purest Gold in Miry Clay.’ Can any good thing come out from Nazareth? Yes! goodness per execellence came out of Nazareth.

Away in a manger no crib for His bed, the Little Lord Jesus, lay down His sweet head. Where did the wise men find the one whose Star they saw in the East? Not in a place anyone could have imagined. They found the infant God in a manger! They found purest gold in a miry clay!

From our nothingness, may God find something magnificent as Christmas is the fulfilment of hope; purest gold in miry clay.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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