There are questions one does not begin anwsering immediately even if the anwser in one’s understanding and opinion is readily available. Have you ever been asked a question that kept you wandering the kind of answer to give?

I woke from sleep one morning to meet a text message from a friend conveying the question; ‘What is the real meaning of life?’ The question above is the unspoken question of many a people in the world today; perhaps, yours and mine too.

Waking to meet this question, I imagined what could have prompted such a question from my friend to me. Life in previous discussions have had with my friend has not been fair; perhaps, the reason for the early morning question to me implying a sleepless night for my friend.

Life is a very big project. The more you think you understand it the more mysterious it becomes. It is a journey that can be smooth and rough. It is a tea cup of vinegar and honey. It is a machine that can mould and break. It is a beautiful garden as well as a thorny bush.

Nevertheless, the real meaning of life is the meaning one gives to it conceptually and attitudinally.
Dear, have a good concept of life and put up a good attitude irrespective of your condition as either good or bad.

Welcome sincerely into your heart Jesus Christ and you will understand the real meaning of life and posses a joy the world cannot give.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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