Life is a race. We are running to cross the line of life and get an eternal prize. However, there are different lines to be crossed before the final line.

To progress from the: sinner to saint, single to married, married to parents in marriage, laity to clergy, illitrate to literate, poor to rich, childhood to adulthood, unemployed to employed, zero to hero in all ramification of life, and earth to heaven; lines and the line has to be crossed.

Oftentimes, we run and run alone. When we run alone we are involved in a ‘RACE ACTION’. Race action often ends in disappointments. It’s not by power not by might… (Zachariah 4:6).

But when we prefix the letter G to RACE, what we have is GRACE. Grace is letting God run with us. This was what St. Paul meant when he said in Phillippians 4:13; ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

Have we been racing or gracing?
MAY God help us to stand for grace and not race.

Do have a grace filled weekend dear one.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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