Life could be likened to a written examination in which many people will fail and a few people will pass. The examination of life is a daily examination which calls for the acknowledgement of one’s uniqueness, constant preparation and the adequate use of one’s potentials.

Life is typical of a JAMB exam in which the candidates in a particular exam hall are given different question paper types – A, B, C or D; following the variety of courses they anticipate studying based on choice.

A candidate who refuses to focus on his or her question paper but
is interested in anwsering the questions in the question paper of another candidate with a different question paper type is likely to fail even if he or she had prepared well.

Copy Copy, unhealthy competition and rivalry; rooted in wickedness, envy and jealousy underlies the reason why many people fail in life. If we do right and live right, we only need to be the best of whom we are.

Everyone is unique. No one should bury his or her talent because the next person has more than he or she does. Focus on your question paper and answer the questions asked you and you will come out with flying colours in Life’s Exam.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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