Reconcile with God during this LENT

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you a story that inspired me so much about Confession, with St. Padre Pio, hoping it will inspire you especially during this time of LENT to reconcile with God even more.

I heard that, one time, a child who was going for his first confession, went to Padre Pio. He has never met him, however, his mother told him what a gift it was to confess to Padre Pio. The mother described to her son how Padre Pio looked like, an old Franciscan priest, in a brown habit, bold head and white hair etc … the boy went in and had an open confession where he sat face to face with Padre Pio. After confession, he came out and told his mother, “Mom why did you lie to me? That Padre Pio was an old man?” He went on to say how Padre Pio was a young Franciscan priest, in his 30’s with a lot of hair, falling to his shoulders. The mother knew it was Jesus her son was privileged to see.

We know by faith, that Jesus is present in every confession, but here and there, He lets some people see Him in body to strengthen our faith! Another story I loved. I heard that a man went to confession with Padre Pio, and after he mentioned all his sins, Padre Pio told him that, there was something else he didn’t say. So Padre Pio went on to describe to him an incident that happened more than 20 years before, with a girl in a park before he joined the military. The man said, he was so embarrassed to hear this from Padre Pio and he knew it was true. Padre Pio then told him that he have been carrying that sin, since 1941 and it has left a dark burn mark! You think after so many years, God will forget!

I also heard that one time he told a woman in confession that her son was in HELL because of her permissiveness. She did not correct her son as she got a chance to. God doesn’t judge us for what we couldn’t, it is when we know and could have, and refuse to repent it that He holds our sins against us.

Yes sins when not confessed, leave scars and burns on our souls, in our hearts and in our mind. They cause sicknesses, all kind of problems, they take away our peace, but when we confess them with a humble heart, they heal. This story inspired me to look back in my life and see if there is something I have not confessed. Our Lord have told us that what we confess sincerely is forgiven, what we don’t, remains. I hope it inspires you to do the same.Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. May God bless you and increase in you and yours a more loving and peaceful heart and may He show you His Love today, in a special way!

May God bless you,

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