There are many christians in the world today but only few have not renounced Christianity. There are so many ways through which the renouncement of Christianity has been made. This reflection would expose one major way in which Christianity renouncement takes place among christians.

It is not true that a true Christian will not suffer. Infact, anyone who truly desires to serve the Lord should prepare for suffering in anyway it may come and not without the Lord’s permission.

In prison, John the Baptist sought to know if Jesus is the messiah or if another should be expected.

John was human and his human face was evidenced by his enquiry about Jesus’ messiahship. In our different prisons of life, we may have like John the Baptist needed reassurance that God is still God.However, if John the Baptist had renounced his faith, Jesus would not have declared him the greatest of all those born of women.

Nevertheless, we would be expecting another messiah if we look forward to a “Crossless Christianity”. Whenever we refuse to allow the Father’s will to be done in our Gethesamane Garden, the renouncement of Christianity has taken place. Our Lord Jesus Christ made allowance for the Father’s will and Christianity was heavenly founded.

Whenever we are tempted to drop the Cross of Christ we have been invited to carry, we should know that the devil is around. To despise the Cross of Christ is renouncing Christianity.

-Fr Abiagom cm


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