Called at a filling station to fuel a car. A boy saw me and said to me as I was about driving off the filling station having gotten the service I needed; “Father, safe journey.” I responded; I am not travelling only came to fuel my car.” The boy replied; “Ok Father. But you are still making a journey even though its a short one.”

God used the little boy to speak to me and God is speaking now to you through this reflection through one of His pencils.

Very often we pray or seek prayers from our pastors when we are about to make a long journey. At such times, “safe journey” seems an appropriate expression. However, the little journeys we make within and around our immediate localities many of us often take for granted. To such short movements we often hear people say; ” … just here or there.” No journey is small!

Dear, this reflection applies not only to ‘journey making’ but to every other aspect of life. Many of us have often neglected things or issues of immense importance discarding them as; little, small, just, common, etc. “Safe Journey” is a call to treat seroius matters with great concern irrespective of how little they appears to be.

Fr Augustine Abiagom.

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