Saint Felicity of Rome

martyrs seven sons saint Felicity

Felicity was a rich, noble widow. She was a mother of seven sons, all of whom were martyred. Felicity devoted her life to charity and caring for the poor. She was arrested for her faith and ordered to worship pagan gods; she refused. Her sons were arrested and given the same order; they refused. After a series of appeals, all of which were turned down, they were all ordered executed by emperor Antoninus. Felicity was forced to watch as her children were murdered one by one; after each one she was given the chance to denounce her faith but she didn’t and stood firm. She was beheaded in 165 at Rome, Italy

She is the patroness against the death of children, against sterility, and of widows. She is also a patroness for those who want to have male children.

Her memorial is on the 23rd of November

Saint Felicity and her sons understood and loved God so dearly that they gave up their lives rather than bow down to a false god. Saint Felicity also shows that she raised her sons in the right manner and taught them about God. Not even one of them denounced their faith.


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