Can there be faith without patience or patience without faith? Many who profess faith today lack patience while many who claim to be patient lack faith.

When a locked door is opened with a key and when the same locked door is forcefully opened without a key, the difference in the state of the door after its opening under the above respective imagined situations will be clear. Faith without patience is like forcefully opening a locked door simply because one can’t take the pain to waiting for the arrival of the one holding the key to the door.

Whenever we force it, the door may open but it would no longer open beautifully and simply. Most times, we begin another stress of trying to fix the door rather than enjoying the room. If God will be involved in our lives, we must patiently remain faithful for the manifestation of His glory in our lives.

God wants us to give birth to Isaac not Ishmael! We must look at Serah not Hagar if we are to enjoy the fulfilment of the promise.


Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM

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