A story could mean an imaginary or real account told of a person, people or an event. It could also refer to a reported item in a broadcast, newspaper, magazine, etc. Sometimes, one’s story is told in life.

While some stories are told to build or repair what is broken; others are told to destroy and spoil what is whole. Dear, what kind of story do we tell especially about others? Some people are fond of telling negative stories about others in order to tarnish the image of others and have them dragged into the mud to satisfy their selfish ambitions. Are we among such a people?

Dear, is your life becoming a nightmare because of the negative stories told about you of which you are innocent? God says to you this morning: ‘don’t worry my child! I know the truth of every story. You will still be vindicated. Be patient!’ There are 3 sides to a story; yours, mine and the truth. Have a lovely weekend.


Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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