An Anti- Xenophobic Reflection. The wickedness of man to man evidenced by the recent xenophobic crimes in South Africa has left me gazing endlessly at the sky. I bleed in my heart with the recent videos gone viral showing clearly the brutal killings of some black foreigners in South Africa in the recent xenophobic attacks.

What do we call this? Why this? What has happened to brotherhood and friendship? What has happened to love? If the recent South African xenophobic brutality and massacre of certain black foreigners were done by some terrorists or some religious fundamentalists, one could weep and murmur words.

Alas! the xenophobic wickedness has dumbed many, causing tears to flow endlessly; the result of a broken heart upon the tragedy of an existential display of the “Cain and Abel Story” simply because of Earth’s Gold and Silver. Why? How long will it take for us to realize the temporality of earthly existence? Why should we allow mundane things with their fleeting nature to deprive us of eternity with God?

Why should we hate and rival each other for nothing? May God forgive all those directly and indirectly involved in the xenophobic crimes in South Africa and any other part of the world.

Should any of such person read this reflection, may God touch your heart and bring you to repentance.

Upon us o Lord have mercy!

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

N.B: Please share this post and condemn xenophobia in the world!

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