Sin is so deadly that it takes away from us the grace to pray. A prayerful man is in constant union with God; he is powerful and God looks at him favourably. He is invincible to the attacks of the evil ones and God blesses him abundantly in all that he does. But sin steals us away from the presence of God. Sin weakens us and makes us powerless.

A man who used to say the rosary daily soon becomes too weak to even say it at all. Another who received the Eucharist daily, soon shies away from the body of Christ all because of sin. A man who used to teach people about the ways of the Lord soon goes into hiding because he cannot give what he does not have.

What even makes it worse is when we try to justify ourselves for the sin we commit. When you do anything contrary to the church’s teachings, accept that you have fallen and hurry to confession. Don’t meditate on your sinfulness and try to convince yourself that no man is perfect. Do not sit down and start arguing with the devil about the temptations he sends. Just hurry to confession.

Always remember that God loves you. He alone can make you great. He alone can grant you your heart’s desires. He alone can give you peace. God created us and we should answer only to him.

Some Christians have become enslaved to the devil unknowingly. All because we are worried about what a friend of ours will say, or how that friend will feel; we remain slaves to sin. Crying day and night for God to deliver us but yet consciously remaining in that slavery. You answer only to God. God is the only person you owe. He is the only one who actually cares about you. Only God can love you even better than you love yourself. Learn to live only for him.

God is so wonderful. His heart keeps burning with fervent love for us and yet we ignore him. We keep avoiding him. We keep throwing away the priceless gems He sends to us and keeping holding on to dirty stones.

May God open our eyes to see. May He open our minds to receive Him. Amen.





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