Suffering People are a Reflection of Jesus Himself

When you see people suffering what goes through your mind?

When you see people sick, dependant and vulnerable, what goes through your mind?

When you encounter people going through really hard trials, what goes through your mind?

When people going through trials refuse to ask for help and try to conceal their pain; pretending to be strong, what goes through your mind?

Always remember that the suffering people around you are a reflection of Christ suffering amongst us.

Whenever you render help to any of the people in need, you render help to Jesus himself.

If people knew the grace that came with giving help to the suffering, there would be no suffering people in the world.

You should understand that the suffering man or woman around you is Jesus Himself.

You should understand that whenever you relieve him of his suffering, you have relieved Jesus of His suffering.

Can any man assimilate the grace that God bestows on that man who relieves the suffering of the poor? No man can.

We are called to live a life of charity. The suffering people are all around us. If you feel they are quite far away, then go look for them. They all need you.


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