I’ve always wondered why some of us who read the Bible, totally give another interpretation of it. We confuse ourselves owing to what has no traces in the scripture. It is undoubtedly clear, that the modern Christians, would always like to fix the words of God to their own understanding. They have forgotten, that most of what we read, are not just mere word, but powerful messages that’d liberate our lives, when we use it the way it ought to be.

There are much virtue we enjoy when we follow the rudiments and laws guiding a particular place or something. When we deviate from the laws, we welcome so many disappointments and whatever that’s involved. For every law that’s abused, has a repercussions.

So many associations, however have in one way or the other set their own method and system of how to pray. They no longer follow succinctly what they were told to follow. All of what they preach and do, are opposite and running extremely contrary to what the law upholds. Some of them, moreover, have never dared to remember that everything we do or say, is an interconnection of what our minds are tenaciously holding.

A book titled “Golden piece of silence” simply explained that we’ve lost silence in the world through our method of worship. We do not go to pray, rather on another note, dance, jump, clap and shout. All of these practices, have done a pretty harm to the way we do worship. Yes, we often bring the idea of inculturation of certain traditional system of worship, but the way we pay homage to it, is something very abhorring. Even though we have tried to incorporate certain things in the system of our worship, it doesn’t require us erasing what’s suitable to what’s favourable to us.

When the Apostles asked, Jesus to teach them how to pray. He gave them something very dear and tremendous. He told them not to make much prayers while praying. He also told them that praying requires talking to God and allowing God also to talk to us.

The necessity of saying Our Lords prayer is just to regulate the way we pray emptily without making effort to tell our problems to God. Most us would continue running round the axis and before they’d begin to pray, God is even weak to listen to them. To pray has format and procedures. When you miss to do the right thing, you fail to get the right thing.

-Princewell Okwuoha

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