Thank Jesus everyday

We have food to eat.

We have clothes to cover our nakedness.

We are alive to experience God’s beauty in nature.

Our very existence is proof of God’s greatness.

He loved us so much so that rather than have us perish as a result of our imperfections, he sent us his own son to offer himself as a sacrifice for us that we may be perfect.

Jesus is so loving that he left his abode. He left heaven in all its beauty and splendor; he left his glorious throne; he left the side of the father to come down on earth to die.

Now we have hope that we will dwell with God in heaven someday. Someday we’ll behold the splendor of our God.

At Gethsemane, he cried really hard; the cup of suffering was presented to him, he foresaw all that he had to go through. It was an unbearable sight but he still sought the will of God.

Jesus gave us his very body and blood to eat and drink to serve as food for our souls. So that whoever eats and drinks it would not perish. As long as we eat it, we shall not grow weary, but remain strong, filled with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit.

God has given us all that we need to run this race.

He remains with us, guiding us through the church and the priests.

We have every reason to thank the Lord. Our lives should be one of thanksgiving.

We ask for so much from him and yet forget to thank him.

Thank God today. Thank him always.



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