Concluding his letter to the Romans, St. Paul thanked immensely all those who in one way or another were instrumental to the success of his mission as an Apostle of Christ Jesus.

He was so detailed in his thanks that I strongly doubt if he left out anyone he should have thanked (Romans 16:3-9, 16, 22-27). We are largely living in an ungrateful world. A world in which many forget within a twinkle of an eye those who risked their necks to save them.

A world in which many now at the top of the mountain forget very easily those who laid the stones at the foot of the mountain for them to climb.

If our thankfulness is commensurate with the calumny and disparaging words we often use to destroy others, the world would have been fair if not better.

One of the major problem in the world is unthankfulness. We cannot be thankful when we discriminate, envy, jealous, disrespect, rival, hate and wish the other dead.

Its not all about it being “my right”! There are many who would have denied you even your very right.

Dear, be thankful and you will be happy you are. Say to someone today; … thank you for being there.


Fr.Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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