The Family Bond is Everything

The Family Bond is Everything

I once came in contact with a particular family in Amaigbo. The bond, unity and love that exist in that family is topnotch. And none of them is poor and none of them wants the other to be poor.

They always come together, think together and do things together.

Family bond is everything. How I wish that families will use this new year to settle those issues that are dividing them apart.

How I wish that brothers and sisters will come together and truly love each other and not mara mara ni ihu love.

How I wish that families will know that nothing is unbreakable like family bond. How I wish that cousins, brothers and sisters, etc will chisel out any form of grudges, envy, jealousy, wickedness and hatred and then join hands together to create an overflow of progress.

How I wish that families will understand that unhealthy competitions in the family is the real demon. How I wish that families should pray for each other to succeed and not to fail.

How I wish that we can love ourselves equally and not otherwise. How I wish that families will understand the power of family bond.

But today almost every family is divided, yet we are praying for progress. The easiest avenue to progress is family bond. Where there is no unity, problems easily creep in. The devil finds it very easy to make such homes his abode.

Let families come together. We may think we are fighting the other family but invariably we are fighting ourselves. Those people you are fighting may be of little help to you tomorrow.

Let us not wish the other people bad, let us not be happy to see them cry. The table always turns. It is yours today, it may be them tomorrow.

Ka chineke mezie Okwu a

Fr. Sanctus Mario Okey


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