A city where no one gives instruction and no one follows instruction would certainly end in ruin. A good instruction adhered to brings delight to the soul. Not to follow a good instruction is digging one’s grave. There are divine instructions as well as human instructions.

I write with relation to the divine instruction. Have you ever recieved a divine instruction? By divine instruction I imply an instruction from God. God’s instruction is always pure and clear. There is no need manipulating the instruction of God to suiting one’s own selfish ambition.

There is such a thing as ‘First Instruction’ in the light of God’s instruction. The first instruction is God’s instruction. God is no author of confusion. If God has asked you or me to do or not do something, there is no need trying to convince God on allowing us do it or not do it.

Remember Balaam, God asked him not to hearken to the invitation request of Balak concerning going to curse Israel, but Balaam still attempted to inquire from God whether he should honour the invitation or not; thereby seeking another instruction. He got a second instruction that he should go honour the invitation.

Balaam survived death by an airs breath on his adherence to the second instruction. God’s angel would have cut off his head but for his donkey which refused further progressive movement. Eventually on the mountain, the first instruction of God still prevaled; the blessing of Israel and not the cursing of Israel (Numbers 22:2-3:1-11).

The world is in choas today because the ‘first instruction’ was not followed. May God help us to follow the first instruction He gives us always.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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