No matter whom we were, are or will become tomorrow with relation to genuine success; we must always remember we couldn’t have been or will never be if God’s face is hidden from us. The greater we are, the more humble we should become.

Humility is a scarce virtue in the world today where respective persons seek to assert the self before everyone else’s. The one at the service of the other is often despised as having no identity whereas the one who is served is often considered the the all and all.

At the last supper, Jesus gave a perfect strange example. He the master stooped very low to washing the feet of his disciples. Imagine a madam washing the feet of her house maid or a Boss helping the gate man to open the gate for visitors when necessity demands even when the gate man is present!

Dear, this world is fleeting and mundane; it’s glories are passing away as the clock ticks in progression.

We should be humble in all our ways; thoughts, words and deeds in the strange but perfect example of Christ that we may share in the eternal glory of heaven.
Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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