Sometimes, I’d be wondering how connected Peter and Andrew were to be seduced by an unknown voice to follow him. It’s what we read daily, that the choosing of the Apostles first began with them. At the pool side, making their net, a man walked in and said, “follow me” and they did. When they wanted to give an excuse, he told them that “anyone who’d follow me, have to sacrifice his life too”. If I were to be Peter and Andrew, I’ll withdraw. Yes, I’ll because I don’t know if he’d want to use me for a ritual.
Faith is an outward sign of inward grace. It’s through God’s grace, that made them followed the unknown man. The same faith had made them to believe that the man they are following, would lead them to a perfect place. There’s no comparison in their method of believing. They were thinking beyond what human mind could reason, that’s why they followed Him.
Who do you follow?
Do you take a walk to an unknown land without determination and a goal?
Do you follow people who’d damage more of your Christian life? Do you follow those who’d make your life harmonious and religious? Are you following those who’d make your life more better as they saw it?

The man Andrew and Peter followed, is not just ordinary man. It is the man who had the three tiers of salvation; the way, the truth and the life. He made their life better and sound. He taught them many things and also laid very many instructions.
It was later revealed that the man the two brothers followed was Jesus Christ. Why not come let’s follow Christ who’s the Lord? Come and walk with Jesus. Come, He wants to employ you. There’s no way we could be able to get all these, unless we follow him.

– Princewell Okwuoha.

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