It Is A Thing Most Wonderful

It is a thing most wonderful,

Almost too wonderful to be;

That God’s own son should come from heaven

And die to save a child like me


And yet I know that it is true,

He chose a poor and humble let

And wept and toiled and mourned and died

For love of those who love Him not


I cannot tell how He could love

A child so weak and full of sin

His love must be most wonderful

If he could die my love to win


I sometimes think about the cross

And shut my eyes and try to see

The cruel nails and crown of thorns

And Jesus crucified for me


It is most wonderful to know

His love for me so free and sure

But it’s more wonderful to see

My love for him so faint and poor


And yet I want to love the lord

O light the flame within my heart

And I will live thee more and more

Until I see thee as thou art

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