Tomorrow is pregnant and we know not exactly what it would bring forth. However, to the one before whom tomorrow is no future but a present, there isn’t speculation about tomorrow but fact. The human eye sees within limits but there is one whose eye sees beyond the oceans. Thomas a Kempis in his work “Imitation of Christ” the second most widely read litetature after the Bible itself, noted; ” man proposes But God disposes.” Human thoughts separated from divine thoughts will beget disaster.

We are not the images of ourselves but images of God. Thus, when we think about our endeavours and undertakings,hopes and aspirations in life, we should think of them in God and never in ourselves without God.

God’s thoughts are different from our thoughts. God’s thoughts are beyond human thoughts. Who knows what God has in mind for you and for me in Life? “Behold the handmaid of Lord, be it done to me according to thy word” should be our exclamation!

Nevertheless, Know that God’s thought towards you is good.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.
N.b: You are in my prayers. Kindly put me in yours.

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