Dear, it is time to do something necessary for growth in our lives. We often busy with many things without creating time to examine our lives individually and collectively. An unexamined life according to Socrates, is not worth living.

How could we be living, relating and working without pondering on our ways of living, working and relating? How can one be journeying forgetting where one is coming from and where one is going?

The time to ponder is the time of solidifying the foundation of our lives in all postive ramification. When last did you ponder about your life: spirituality, mentality, habits, relationships, friendship marriage, priestly or religious vocation, carrier or profession, health …?

With relation to the aforelisted areas of evaluation, what percentage could we score ourselves over a 100 percent? We should not make easy choices in life with devasting consequences simply because we can’t take the discipline to sit and ponder.

As we ponder, certain things have to die for new life to begin. It might cause us pain to execute the fruits of our pondering. Nevertheless, we must be brave! It is time to ponder and grow!

Take care of you.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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