Leaving is a reality that confronts us individually and collectively in life. People leave from place to place as they endeavour to finding meaning to their existence in the world.

Are you planning to leave? It’s not a bad idea provided your leaving is geared towards the good that has others in view. Nevertheless, you must not leave unless you are sure of something.

In Exodus 33:15, Moses said; “…if your presence does not go with us, we don’t want to leave this place.” Beloved, how often we leave from place to place, in life without seeking Emmanuel! We need the presence of God to journey safe and right. The time to leave is when we get assured of the presence of God with us.

The presence of God is the goodness of God which He promised He would cause to go before the children of Israel following the persistent plea of Moses (Exo 33:19).

May God’s presence go with us always and may God’s Spirit lead our way.

I pray God’s presence to go with you and me this day. Keep me in your prayers as I would keep you in mine.


Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM 

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