Trust God and be True To Him

Take time to worship God today. There is so much He does for us that we do not take cognizance of. So much he protects us from that we do not see or know about. God is ever faithful but the devil and our worries keep us from seeing and appreciating how faithful He is.

Know today that only God has total control over you. Only God can pass a verdict over your life. Only God has a say in your life. So learn to trust God more. It is insulting to call God your father and yet, not trust in His unfailing power. Trust God with your troubles. Trust Him with your issues. Trust Him in everything concerning you. The Lord never fails His children.

Often times our lack of trust for God arises from unanswered prayers and difficulties. But your measure of success in life is dependent of your belief and trust in God; and your attitude to life. God is ever faithful to His children. The devil has no hold, over God’s children. In short the children of God are a terror to the devil.

However, many of God’s children have unknowingly become slaves to sin. Sin is a cancer that eats up and destroys a man’s life slowly and gradually. It also distorts our faith and belief in God. Being in sin is same a sheep going out of the reach and safety of his shepherd. Sin makes a man vulnerable to the numerous tricks of satan. But a man who is in a state of grace is a terror to satan. Because the perfume of holiness that emanates from him draws numerous saints and angels to him, protecting him and guiding his every path.

God’s children are those who listen to Him and obey Him. When you’re not in a state of grace, the power of God in your life is limited. Because God does not associate with sin. He only associates with true repentance and a strong will to please Him. So throw away every cloak of sin you have on and embrace true holiness.

True repentance is the first step to salvation. Pray more to gain strength because by ourselves, we would fall into the smallest temptations. So learn to pray more and gather strength and grace to obey Jesus.

Prayer works. Novenas work. God is ever faithful. Be positive and never allow the devil deceive you. Never doubt God’s power in your life. Doubting is the first step to failing. So trust God and be true to Him. He’ll bless you in Jesus name. Amen.

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