Good should be done while evil should be avoided. There are many instances of evil to be avoided as there are several goods to be done. However, in this reflection, I reflect on two evils all and sundry must desist from.

1. Never raise someone’s hope when you know you are not willing and will never be ready to fulfilling your promise concerning the realization of the hope raised in another. If you will not assist someone in any good the person requests from you, it is better to say “no” than say “yes” and make the person rely on a help that will never come. When you say “yes” the person you promise to help goes home relaxed and may not hanker to finding someone else who could render the help. Dear, when eventual you dash the promised hope, you grievously hurt your neighbour’s heart.

2. Never be ungrateful towards your helper. We live in a world of so much ungratefulness. It is wicked to make your helper seem or appear foolish for helping you. Many have killed their helpers. When you make your helper regret helping you by the wickedness of your ingratitude, you grievously hurt your neighbors heart.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

N.B: Please share this message until it gets to the ends of the earth.

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