Vatican: The Pope might not fire the Vatican employees even if they refuse the COVID vaccine

Pope Francis

Pope Francis gives a blessing during his weekly general audience April 29, 2020, in the papal library in the Apostolic Palace. Concluding his series of audience talks about the Eight Beatitudes, the pope focused on the final one, "Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (CNS photo/Vatican Media) See POPE-AUDIENCE-PERSECUTION April 29, 2020.

VATICAN: With the official note published by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, governor of the Vatican City State on Thursday. He has finally quenched the rumor flying around the news houses that the Vatican workers might be losing their jobs, if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Vatican, those who simply refuse the vaccine, will be “allow to find alternative solutions for the performance of work by the person concerned.” The decree signed on February 8 did not provide for anything of the sort. It only said that alternative tasks would be found for workers who “for proven reasons of health” could not receive the jab.

The LifeSite News made an analysis on the note from Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello saying, “The refusal to undergo required preventive or periodic assessments and mandatory health checks, as well as the refusal to undergo the continuation of preventive, periodic or mandatory health checks that have already begun, entail different degrees of consequences for employees, which may extend to termination of employment. For candidates for employment, this is equivalent to the renunciation of the establishment of an employment relationship.

It can be argued that receiving a vaccine cannot be considered as a “preventive assessment” or “health check,” but why, then, explicitly refer to these provisions in relation with those who refuse the experimental vaccine if they did not apply? And if they do, “termination” of the work contract was clearly in the cards, and there was no mention at all of finding ways to protect the Vatican workers’ — some 5,000 individuals — personal liberty and freedom of choice.”

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