VP Mike Pence hosted pro-life leaders at White House on eve of March for Life

In a clear sign of the sea change in Washington this week, Vice President Mike Pence hosted about 40 U.S. pro-life leaders in the White House for an exclusive meeting Thursday night on the eve of the March for Life. Pro-life leaders who attended said the event was intended to encourage them in their efforts.

“We know of course that Mike Pence, our Vice President, is strongly pro-life. He wanted to encourage and thank pro-lifers all over the country,” National Right to Life President Carol Tobias, who attended the event, told LifeSiteNews. “So he invited pro-life leaders to come to his office for a small reception to do that, to thank us and encourage us.”

Tobias said that such a meeting was inconceivable during the pro-abortion Obama’s eight years in office.

“I think that after eight years of the Obama administration, pro-lifers are just excited that we have a new President and Vice President who are going to make a real difference for unborn babies,” she said.

Other leaders who attended the event included Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins, BreakPoint radio show host Eric Metaxas, and former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.

Pence tweeted about the event, stating that he was looking forward to addressing the hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators who will be attending the event today.


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