What Catholic Singles should bear in mind while waiting for marriage


The human society grows with the fusion of two people, which however come to form the better aspect of God’s reasons of creating a man.

Those two individual, in other words, are the man and the woman who come in to multiply the world through the sacrament of matrimony.

Owing to that same fact, the man would leave the family and cleave to the woman, both come to be one in the marriage mathematics.

Everyday of our life, we do here, watch and attend to the celebration of such kind. Also, we see people of such, separate due to one reason best known to them.

But one beautiful thing about marriage, is the vow of “I do”.

It come to create an intimate union between the two parties, reminding them the importance of what stage they’ve actually entered.

The church therefore placed an embargo, that before any annulment of marriage which we

seemingly call “divorce”, there’s every need we assemble all those who were present on that day

the sacrament was sealed. Having seen how impossible it would look like, the both come to accept

the real definition of marriage, which is “for better for worse”.

In the wisdom of the Church, the need for taking a public vow, where not only priests or pastors

could bear witness, but people from both families, is tantamount to the original building of what we call marriage.

So, when the man promise to be faithful and respectful to the

woman he married, so the woman would be submissive and loyal to the man she married.

This would come to cement a better life commitment and a way to have an unwavering relationship.

This season in which we are gradually entering, is a period many relationship leave from courtship to marriage.

Why most people choose this time, is to have a good number of relatives and friends, who would come to wish them well and help them form a better union and a beautiful beginning.

However, there are so many things that calls to mind, hence this union is concerned. The moment the different individual

understand that there’s no perfect person in the world, it would save the stress of nursing the idea of breaking up.

As you prepare to walk down the aisle with that amazing bride, remember the bond you’re trying to put yourself into. Always remember those beautiful moments you’ve shared together, whenever she wants to exhibit her human attitude.

Don’t call her names. Don’t raise your hands on her. Don’t even discuss your problem outside.

Build your home and the rest will become a story.

-Princewell Okwuoha

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