In the journey towards perfection we may sometimes fall so badly that the thought of getting up talkless of continuing the journey may seem useless. The feelings of unworthiness and may have fallen heavily on us and suggesting strongly the need for suicide.

Nevertheless, there is something we must keep always in mind in order to move on; God’s grace is enough for us. When we fail to keep in mind that God’s grace is enough for us, we would not live to hear Jesus ask us as he asked Peter; “… Do you love me?” The question above is a question of love. Imagine how on earth should one posit ‘do you love me’ question to one who has denied you thrice If not LOVE! It is the love of God that makes His grace enough for us.

Therefore, When you and I feel unworthy as a result our fall into sin, let us remember always that God’s grace is enough for us.

However, we should not fall into sin because the grace of God is enough for us.
Have a great weekend!
Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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