There is a beginning and an end to everything in life. It will be wrong to always use the beginning to make conclusions about the coming end. At times, things do not end the way they started. To be carried away by a good beginning is dangerous! To be downcast by a bad beginning is a disaster!

A good beginning may end poorly if good care is not taken and when the grace of God is despised. A bad beginning may end beautifully when hope is kept alive and a good fight is fought while placing grace before you. It is also very possible for a good beginning to have a good end and a bad beginning to have a bad end.

However, when can all be said to be well? The life of job began well, at a point was a pitiable existence; but it eventually ended more beautifully than it started. All is well that ends well! Ending well does not necessarily imply having all problems solved. It rather implies keeping faith, hope and love to the end. God will reward all who remain faithful to the end.

Thanks for your love on my second priestly anniversary. I appreciate.


Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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