Life has taught me that I may not always succeed with every of my endeavour and undertaking. Times abound when the experience and the pain of failure may knock at my heart’s door.

I know for certain that the lesson of life succintly presented above is a universal experience for those who acknowledge the reality of the principle of dualism in the universe. On the contrary, there are some people who deny the reality of failure as a possible experience in the respective areas of human endeavours and undertakings in life. For such people, life comes to an end when the bell of failure rings beside them.

Sometimes we fail just as we succeed at other times. What should one do when one fails? Should an athlete remain on the track floor for falling to the ground during an Olympic track event?

Falling does not disqualify the athlete who runs according to the stipulated rules of the track event. Such an athlete can get up and continue the race to the end and even emerge the best athlete.

Thus, failure is not the end of life. Ending strong should be one’s focus. Christ our Lord fell thrice on His way to Calvary and got up to end strong on the hills of Calvary nailed to Cross. When we fail, we must simply realize we have been given the opportunity to try again. With God, may our failure experiences end with the testimony of successes.

Have a beautiful week.
Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM


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