When you will receive Plenary Indulgence this year


When you will receive Plenary Indulgence this year

By: Rev. Fr. David Okolie

Plenary Indulgence‘ is the total removal of all the ‘Temporal Punishments’ due to sins whose guilts have been forgiven at the Sacrament of Confession (Cf. CCC, n. 1471)

Temporal Punishment‘ is the punishment that remains after the guilt of sin has been forgiven upon going to a Sacramental Confession to a validly ordained Catholic Priest (Cf. CCC, nos 1472-1473).

What the above means is that when one commits sin, he/she incurs double punishments; eternal and temporal punishments. If the person repents and goes to Confession, the eternal punishment is taken care of while the temporal punishment remains. The person will have to work out the removal of the ‘temporal punishments’ by himself/herself. If that is not done and the person dies, he/she will remain in the PURGATORY until those ‘Temporal Punishments’ are cleared. One of the ways to remove the accumulated Temporary Punishments is through gaining of INDULGENCE (Cf. CCC, nos 1471, 1474-1479).

Remember that the Church has granted ‘Plenary Indulgence’ to all those who will fulfill the following on this year’s Solemnity of St Joseph, Husband of B.V.M:

  1. Go to Sacramental Confession and have no attachment to sin.
  2. Receive the Holy Communion.
  3. Pray for the Pope’s Intentions (Usually, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory be…).
  4. Pray any of the Church’s approved prayer to St. Joseph.

Fortunately, you will obtain the Plenary Indulgence this Year of St Joseph on the following days:

*March 19 (The Solemnity of St Joseph, Husband of B.V.N),

*May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker,

*19th day of every month and,

*Every Wednesday, a day dedicated to the saint in the Latin tradition.

#NOTE: The Year of St. Joseph lasts from Dec.8, 2020 through Dec.8, 2021.

#Please, do not miss this HOLY OPPORTUNITY and also kindly inform others on the above👏🏽

#Again, if you can’t lay your hand on any prayer to St Joseph, just let me know and I will send it to you.

Happy Solemnity in advance!

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