We make a fatal mistake when we live in regret of lost opportunities and glories be it spiritual, material, social or psychological. A living dog is better than a dead lion.

St. Paul lived in progression not retrogression. One thing he did was; “putting behind him things that are past while pressing ahead with the vision of things before him”. See Phil 3:13-16.

In the story of the “widow’s oil” I learnt something important I now share. She had lost almost everything to the extent that she told Elisha that she had nothing left but a flask of oil (I King 4:2). However, the little she had became the miracle that saved the lives of her sons and made provision available for their upkeep.

Dear, you may think you have nothing left. That little remaining of yours may seem too insignificant for the miracle. But listen! In that little of yours and your family, if you believe in God, work hard, live in love and and no more in regret of what you have lost; lies the miracle. You are in my prayers.


Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM

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