WHO MOURNS WHO? … The killings of 24th April, 2018 in Benue State, Nigeria.

WHO MOURNS WHO? … The killings of 24th April, 2018 in Benue State, Nigeria.

When a bird refuses to fly and a fish becomes still in the waters, when a lion flees from an antelop and a dog refuses to swag its tail in celebrating the return of its owner; know that a situation is at the verge of crossing the rubicon. When children die, they are mourned by their parents. When parents die, they are mourned by their children. When parents die alongside their children; who mourns who?

Some hours after the day’s massacre, it was reported that the police are yet to confirm the attack. It bothered me much that those who are to meant to protect the people “are yet to confirm the attack.” Perhaps the attack will be confirmed when everyone in Nigeria is been killed. I pray that God will correct Nigeria because it is a mistake!

Neither the one who kills today nor the one who masterminds the killings will live forever. Dear brother priests and faithful parishioners who died in the attack in focus, may your death be the beginning of your endless joyful existence with God.

God we are in your hands!
Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM


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