What would the world look like if we start loving people instead of judging them? We very often focus on what separates us instead of what unites us. What is this about?

Do we often desire to fix others into our little box? Have we forgotten their life’s journey experience may not be the same with ours? Before we judge others and condemn them, do we care to know them? Before we write others off, do we care to first listen to their story?

Inclusive love is unconditional love. Let us go to the market and buy specks that will enable us look at each other with the eye of love. We are all on a journey. The thief today can become a Holy Priest of God tomorrow who blesses and reconciles men and women with God. On this journey, no one is a finished product.

We must not understand people to love them.That castigated sinner may be your next door neighbour in heaven. There are going to be alot of people in heaven we are not expecting to to be there. God’s mercy is beyond Human judgement.

Someone asked me; Fr. Augustine, why do you end all your reflection with the expression – LOVE? I responded; that is ‘why we are here’ in this world.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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