Every individual is different from another and is blessed with many qualities which might be lacking in others. Pope Benedict XVI is among those rare individuals blessed with rare qualities which continues to sharpen even in his old age. His life has remained a lesson and an inspiration to many.

This is a man who stands firm to whatever he believes. He is described by many as a conservative Catholic. His writings bore testimonies to this idea. And throughout his pontificate, he drew the Church back to the tradition of the Catholic Church. He was the one who insisted that every translation of the holy mass should stay faithful to the original Latin. He cannot be easily influenced. And he is so true to himself that when he felt he was no longer fit to carry out his full responsibilities to the Church, he honorably resigned for another Pope.


Pope Benedict XVI is a Pope of letters. His numerous writings as a priest, Cardinal and a Pope speaks volumes of his person, his love for the Church, and his faithfulness to the Lord who called him into his vineyard. However, his high intelligence did not make him arrogant nor lead him astray, rather, he channeled it in the right direction and for the good of all humanity.


The virtue of humility helps you to understand God, and to understand yourself. It helps you to know your limit, and to accept what you cannot change. Pope Benedict worked assiduously with humility as a servant of the servants of God, and when he could no longer continue the work, he gently stepped aside, for another to take over.

Prayer life

Pope Benedict is evidently a man of prayer. He drives joy in saying the Rosary, and offers consisted prayer through Mary, who is the Mother of Christ and the Mother of the Church. He led the Catholic faithful and indeed the whole world to a more intimate relationship with God in life and actions. He has not withdrawn from his prayer habit even in his old age.

Accepting the will of God

He is a Man who understands God and accepts God’s will for his life. When he stepped aside as the administrative Pope, he chose to go to the monastery as a place of rest. He refused to interfere in the affairs to the current Pope, in order to allow him to serve the people of God without interference. He also accepted his sickness and offered everything to God even till his old age.

However, you will do the Pope Emeritus more favour by praying for him, especially now he is gradually growing fragile and older.

By: Justin Nzekwe

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