Fr A. N Abiagom, CM

When I recall that the serpent tempted Jesus Christ in the wilderness and failed, but departed to wait for another opportuned time, I beg God for his grace upon my life as a pastor. No pastor is beyond temptation. In fact the greater a pastor grows in the ministry, the more careful he should become.

Unlike Jesus Christ our Lord who was tempted like us but did not sin, several of his great ministers in the vineyard are falling today because there is a weak point or there are weak points the enemy “the devil” may have noticed in their lives and upon which he capitalizes against them.

Most often, people think a pastor could only be pulled down by the sin of the flesh. How mistaken they are! There are several sins that are often considered or thought of as insignificant that are capable of pulling down our great Shepherds of souls. Do you remember Moses, “short temper” prevented him from entering into the promise land after all the sacrifices he made for the people of Israel in light of their deliverance from their land of captivity.

While ministers emphasize the gifts of the Holy Spirit, please they should not forget about the fruits of the Holy Spirit: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22). One hard truth is that “a minister may still be manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, whereas, the grace of holiness is already departing from him”.

Pray for the grace of holiness for your pastors. Let God who called each of them be their voice in the moments of their trials and temptations.
Encourage them in obedience with respect to their vocation. Remember that God corrects his chosen ones for their own good and for the salvation of the souls they have been called to lead.


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